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. >>> 13-year-old andy lopez is laid to rest in california. the teen's death has sparked question and outrage. last week, a sheriff's deputy opened fire, after mistakenly thinking the teen was cawrg an assault rifle. carrying an assault rifle. >> classmates and friends of andy lopez carried his casket into the santa rosa church in california. his distraught parents, seen here. clarlsz mates remembered -- classmates remembered him fondly. >> andy was a really nice classmate. he would always make you smile and laugh and he was loved. >> reporter: but with the grief, there is outrage. hundreds took to the streets tuesday, many of them teenagers, skipping school. demanding justice for lopez, gunned down by a sheriff's deputy last week, who apparently thought the teenager posed a deadly threat, holding what turned out to be a toy gun, an ak-47 replica. but some think the deputy and his partner showed poor judgment. or worse, deliberately targeted a hispanic youth. >> we're here to say a badge is not a license to kill. we demand the cops be jailed. >> reporter: investigators from anothe
's deputy for the real thing. the suffer sheriff's deputying firing eight rounds at andy lopez, killing him. >> the report are that he asked the boy to drop the weapon and he didn't drop it. >> andy was not that type, believe me. andy, if he knew it was a sheriff, if he was asked, andy would have dropped it, you know? i don't believe that at all. >> reporter: friends and neighbors in santa rosa have held rallies, calling the shooting a combination of unnecessary force and racism. some allege the shooter was profiled because he was hispanic, walking through a low- income neighborhood. >> what we want is him to have some consequences, just like we would. you know, we want him to be prosecuted for what he did. he took somebody's life. you know? he was 13 -- he had just turned 13. we want justice for andy. and until we get that, we're not going to stop marching. >> i understand that the community is angry and sad. and this is a horrible tragedy for all involved. >> sheriff told us he wouldn't go into-- couldn't go into details of the case. but eric yo house is a 24- veteran of the force. >> the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2